Overall Site design and code

This site was designed by Kelsey Stephenson, and built using a combination of CSS, HTML and PHP in notepad ++, using content dynamically generated from a MySQL database.

The graphics for this site were done entirely by Kelsey, as was much of the underlying code (with the following exceptions). The portfolio.php script to generate the dymanic site content is based heavily on the original code written by Tanner Kruitbosch for the gallery of the art portfolio in 2008. Many thanks, Tanner, for the coding and advice through the years!

In addition to the above, Shadowbox (an open source JavaScript/CSS based aplication) was used to generate the gallery overlay effects

Web Design

  • Edmonton EXPO was a class project-each student came up with and implemented a website design on their own. All content was taken from the existing EXPO site-layout and implementation are my own.
  • The Frame Corner was a redesign done as a solo freelance project for the Rrame Corner, a framing and needlework store near West Edmonton Mall.
  • Greenfraud was a group project to raise awareness of the issue of greenwashing - while I built the actual site and did the layout, some of the content and illustrations were contributed by other group members. Project team: Caity Chandler, Lea Rouhiainen, and Yasaman Shamloo
  • was a collaboration with Tanner Kruitbosch. I provided him with preliminary graphics, html and css which was then incorporated by Tanner into the existing website code while he was undergoing a backend redesign.

Book Design

  • Tionaga was written by Bill Stephenson; editing by Kelsey, Bill, Lorna, and Brice Stephenson. I was responsible for all design and compilation of photo material.
  • Bachelor of Design Grad Catalogue 2011 was done by a team of 6, with myself givingoverall direction and coordination of efforts; gathering information, work, scheduling photos and coordinating with Capital Colour Press. Wordmark logo and theme by Arden Burnett, cover by Katie Yuen; most photos of work and all portraits were taken by Sean Buchanan. Portrait photo editing was done by Joel Kadziolka. Some photo formatting was done by Agnes Czegus. Laying out the catalogue was my responsibility, along with with much of the remaining formatting and other work.

  • Mrs Dalloway is a cover redesign of Virginia Woolf's novel, using photo's I took for the purpose of the project
  • machina has written contributions from Micheal Cor, Lenora Elkin, Lawrence Ly, Veronica Krawcewicz and myself. All Chinese Character typesetting wasdone by Lawrence. Brainstorming and photos contributed by each person for their essay. I was responsible for the design and layout.
  • The Door is a cover and interio redesign of Margaret Atwood's poetry collection, using photo's I took for the purpose of the project as well as some very few elements of stock photography